2011 New Tea in this year

We went around our tea fields on April 12th. It seems like that tea leaves
are coming out 5 to 7 days later than the average year. Since the tea
leaves are small, we cannot determine the exact day of starting our harvest.
But we plan to do our first hand-picking harvesting around April 23rd to
24th. And machine cutting harvesting on April 26th to 28th or so.

Although the growth of tea leaves are a little later than the usual year,
the condition of our tea fields is really good. Thus our tea leaves are
growing very strong. New buds are coming straight up, so this year’s
quality of teas will be a good one.

Our first harvesting of this year will be around April 28th.

Today, around 8:00AM, all of our workers harvested our tea “Tsuyu-Hikari” by
hand-picking for the tea association of Omaezaki City.
The tea leaves (buds) seemed a little smaller than usual, but we were able
to harvest around 25 kilograms.
The actual first harvesting will start after April 25th.

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