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President Tsuyomi Masuda

Masudaen make green tea from farming to production to sales.
It is located in the northern part of Omaezaki City called Makinohara Plateau.
We started making green tea in 1870, which was the dawn of green tea plantations in the Makinohara Plateau, and we have been expanding our farm for the last five generations. In 1986, our tea field was selected to be a dedicated tea field for the Emperor, and we offered green tea to the royal family.
We started exporting our green teas overseas in 1991, and now over 20 countries enjoy Masudaen green teas. Our efforts were rewarded in 2015 by being awarded the highest agricultural award in Japan, called the “Emperor’s Cup”.
Also, we have twice received Ministry of Agricultural Awards in 2003 and 2015.The honor to receive these awards was due to our loyal customers, and everyone in our community.
We want to give our deep thanks to them all.
We have been making efforts to assure the food quality and safety as a food factory in the past.But this year, 2016, we acquired food safety management system “FSSC 22000” to enhance the quality management system of our facilities.
We desire to deliver joy, exhilaration and good flavor to our customers in Japan and all over the world.

President Tsuyomi Masuda


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Company Profile

message from MASUDAEN
 We welcome you to the finest Japanese tea from Shizuoka.
Here is the message from MASUDAEN’s Farmers, Producer and so on …
Approaching ISO
"Contributing to the society through our tea business in consideration for the environment." We grow tea that is safe for consumers and sell it directly to customers and to wholesalers.

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