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Care about Environment and Safety

Core values of Masudaen

We always strive and actively try to provide safe and tasty green teas to the world. All our employees endeavor to be responsible by improving our skills and knowledge to do our part and duty at the food factory, and to attain the trust from our customers by providing the highest quality green teas.

FSSC22000 CertificationFSSC22000 Certification


We have always been striving to assure the food safety and quality of our green teas. But this year, 2016, in order to strengthen our quality management system even more, we acquired FSSC22000.
*FSSC22000 is the combination of international certification ISO22000 and ISO/TS22002-1. It’s the benchmark certifying standards by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). That includes food defense which has increased the attention in recent years. We expect to assure even higher food safety.

UTZ certificationUTZ certification


We are the first UTZ certified green tea company in Japan.
UTZ certification is an international certification program, and its purpose is to certify execution and management of safe labor conditions, prohibition of child labor and environment protection for products such as coffee, cacao, and green teas.

Organic JAS certificationOrganic JAS certification


Masudaen has Organic JAS certification to meet the needs of demand of our clients.
Organic JAS certified green tea is grown to avoid the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and require strict quality control. Organic JAS certification is only given to farms and facilities which pass strict specification requirements.

Spreading Green Tea to the tables of the world.
Recipient of Emperor’s Cup.


Masudaen received the highest honor by the Japanese agricultural department in 2015: the Emperor’s Cup.
The Emperor’s Cup is the highest prize out of all 500 agricultural products which received Ministry of Agricultural Awards. We received the award due to Masudaen’s efforts to spread Japanese green tea all over the world since 1992. Also Masudaen has been tackling very strict residual pesticides restriction standards with the help of neighboring farmers, and has been spreading Japanese green teas for a quarter of a century, and spreading of Omaezaki Tsuyuhikari (new breed of green tea tree).

Two-time recipient of Ministry of Agriculture Awards
 for the skills and quality of its green teas.


Masudaen received the Ministry of Agricultural Award in 2015 in Kanto area Block of Fukamushi tea (deep steamed green tea) division as well as in 2003.
In the 2015 competition, Masudaen’s efforts were recognized for its exporting endeavors, instruction of green tea development overseas, and its integrated production system of green teas.

Consistent high awards Recipient


In green tea competitions, first-picked soft leaves are used. Many selected green tea farmers and companies compete in these competitions. The judges look at the shape of the loose leaf products, aroma, water color and taste. Masudaen participates in competitions proactively, and receives many awards. By participating in high level competitors from all over Japan, Masudaen improves its quality and skills, and tries to provide tasty green teas.

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