Merchandise Production Process Chart


Growing Tea Leaves


1. Issue of instructions to production farms on the use of pesticides (based on the results of pheromone examinations and fixed-point observations)
2. Holding of cultivation seminars for production farms
3. Oblige production farms to keep cultivation records


Taking Ara Cha to the factory (Harvesting raw leaves from the tea plantation)


1. Instructions on harvesting at the appropriate time
2. Establishment of underground containers by production farms to prevent the inclusion of foreign articles when storing the harvested raw leaves

Production of Ara Cha

Purchasing Ara Cha



1. Ultraviolet sterilization of raw leaf 1. Quality check of tea samples from other companies
>2. Production based on the production manual 2. Ingredients purchased from other companies must have cultivation and production records
>3. Keep production records 3. Verification of merchandise and sample tea
>4. Put Ara Cha into aluminum bags (To prevent humidity and oxidization) 4. Quantity check of merchandise


Installation and Preservation in the Refrigerator


1. Prevent the mixing of foreign articles (especially insects) and cut off from outdoor air (to maintain temperature and humidity) by using the quadruple door
2. Set the refrigerator temperature at Celsius -15
3. Manage storage locations and inventories using a personal computer


Sorting process


1. Select ingredient teas and blend (tank for blending)
2. Net selection, wind power selection, elimination of stalks, and cutoff
3. Place magnets by each selection/cutoff machine and shipping line device in order to prevent the inclusion of foreign articles (metal objects)
4. Selection capacity: 1H/250Kg


Drying process


1. Set the rotary drum dryer at a temperature of Celsius 70-100, it will take 5-20 minutes to dry at a rate of 1H/50-100Kg
2. Set the far infrared microwave dryer at a temperature of Celsius 70-100, it will take 5-20 minutes to dry at a rate of 1H/50-100Kg/td>
3. Implement drying process according to the selected tea




1. 5-15 minutes in the blending machine


Examination of Foreign Articles – Ultraviolet Sterilization


1. Visual Examination
2. Sterilization using Ultraviolet light


Bag Filling Process


1. Automatic measuring and packing machine 400/hour, one machine
2. Automatic measuring machine 400/hour, two machines
3. Nitrogen filling machine 300/hour, three machines


Packing Process


1. Packing bags in accordance with shipping destination
2. Confirmation of shipping destination


Shipping Merchandise

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